Live Webcasting in San Diego

Nuvasive asked ICV Live Webcasting to return to San Diego for another in their regular series of Global Townhall webcasts. Having had great results with the previous Webcasts ICV has produced for them, they have forged ahead in a successful initiative to engage and communicate with their worldwide network of employees and partners. ICV is proud to be their technology partner in providing Live Webcasting services for their quarterly meetings.

As is typical, ICV managed the entire webcast event and supplied all technology and staff from shooting, to hosting, to deploying the web portal for secure playback of the streaming video webcast.

Nuvasive’s Townhall webcasts include synchronized PowerPoint slides and HD video.

Staged outside their exceptional corporate headquarters in San Diego, ICV setup a multi-cam shoot and encoding station where the event was live streamed using our Global CDN network.

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